Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Young Girl's Poem

My Silent Teacher
Lowers her head when I put on the bridle,
She is always going the extra mile.
Telling me what to do without speaking a word,
We unite like part of the herd.
No matter what my instructor thinks of my ride,
She always is holding her head down low filled with pride.
Grooming her coat until it glistens and it shines,
Taking care of her until she dies.
She never gets mad at me no matter the error,
Never over reacting to my fears and my terror.
My silent teacher shows me marvelous things,
Giving me gifts only magic could bring.
My little warrior never taking a break,
Teaching me to ride better as long as it takes!

S. Nelson (c) 2009
Shared with permission from author

Fool Proof That French Braid, the Iberian Horse Way

Jenni has a great tip on making a fool proof, long wearing French Braid for your dressage horse. It doesn't come undone or look frayed. Be sure to access her photo link.


My trick to a non-bunching tight running braid (besides practice) is
braiding upside down (adding from the underside instead of the top
side). Basically, in a normal braid you cross over the outside hairs
on top, in a french or running braid you add hairs each time, in a
mane running braid you often only add them from the top side. In an
"upside down" braid, the outside "strands" are crossed over underneath
instead of over the top. I think this gives the braid a tidier
appearance. Maybe I can sucker Ben into a quickie youtube video next
time I braid someone

DONT show sheen or condition the mane prior to braiding for show, you
want it clean and combed but slightly tacky, products like "quick
braid" work well for occasional show use

example of a braid where hairs were added from the underside

that picture was taken after the braid had been in all day, this was
his second class in the afternoon and he had been loose in his stall
between classes, it was bunching a little, re-braiding before each
class will give the nicest appearance, but this type of braid, done
right along the crest should stay in well.

Good luck, will let you know if I ever get a video up.