Monday, April 6, 2009

Upcoming JP Giacomini Clinic Schedules

Please join us for a Memorable Clniic with Classical Riding Master J.P. Giacomini:

1. April 23-25 in Grass Valley, CA
2. April 26-29 in Carmel Valley, CA
3. May 2-3,
(4 + 5 for Private Lessons) in Lakeview Terrace, CA

If you want to improve your riding and your horse's performance plus enhance the relationship bond with your horse - then these clinics are for YOU!

Riders of all levels are welcome, as are horses of all abilities and breeds. These clinics will also greatly benefit non-dressage riders and horses;

Western riders are welcome, too!

These clinics will focus on a classical approach to solving problems and advancing the horse and rider.

JP is a Successful, former Olympic Coach for Dressage and Eventing to riders from 5 different countries; He is also noted for his ability to teach Piaffe and Passage and for finding long-lasting solutions to previously unsolved problems.

Learn more about J.P. and access his BLOG at:

Auditors are VERY welcome!

To get more information on the

1. April 23-25 Grass Valley Clinic CONTACT: Jane Sommers 530-268-9004 EMAIL:

2. April 26-29 Carmel Valley Clinic CONTACT: Jessica Kent 831-659-6054 EMAIL:

3. May 2,3 (4+5) Lakeview Terrace Clinic CONTACT: Lisa Everett 805-630-6795FOR INFORMATION ON OTHER UPCOMING CLINICS CALL OR EMAIL: 859-236-1530 You and your horse will be glad you came!! That's what everybody says!