Thursday, July 17, 2008

Ride The Thunderhead

Ride The Thunderhead

Oh, Daughter of the Wind,
Come and ride with me!
Mount the gathering ivory steam
And gallop across the sea.

Twist your hands in silken mane
That billows wild and free,
Dig your heels into the cloud,
Race the Thunderheads with me!

Gallop o’er the glistening sand
Where Timeless Essence leaves a print
And run abreast against the hills
Where fading light leaves autumn’s tint.

Ride the sunset-shaded pony,
Lay your face in silver mane,
Lift your hands into the sky and
Catch the drops of evening rain.

Ride upon the Winds of Change,
And sail o’er mountain ridges,
Gallop down throughout the valley
Stop to build the needed bridges.

Descend from midnight starry steed
When storm is finally spent,
And gather from the cleansing rain
The healings that the storm has lent.

Julie Williams (c)1994

Take Heart

Look up towards the mountains,
Get up off your knees,
Gallop through the valleys
Ride upon the breeze.

Lift your eyes up higher,
Onwards towards the heights--
Dawning moves towards mid-day
There are no more nights.

Fearlings keep us bound up
As we travel through this life,
Take courage in God's love--
It's strength wins over strife.

Julie Williams c 1994