Thursday, November 13, 2008

Have You Put Your Heart In Your Hand?

Check out for one of the best rising stars in natural horsemanship instruction. Sherry Jarvis, with her superb communication skills honed from years of elementary school teaching, shines when it comes to helping the rider understand the ins and outs of riding and training your horse. Her new book will be on the shelf Spring 2009.

"Sherry has a burning desire to share everything that has been made available to her with others, and to help people realize their dream with their horses in a natural way. When the natural horsemanship clinics started becoming popular in the 90’s Sherry discovered the holes in her foundation that had hindered her from taking her raw talent into a harmonious art form.

This newfound knowledge inspired her with a new determination and dedication to share the importance of a natural foundation, which will develop a relationship with your horse that will change your life. Sherry instructs students and shares her passion for mental, physical and emotional fitness for horsemen and their horses."
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