Friday, December 5, 2008

How To Make Horse Christmas Tree Ornaments

Yesterday I was watching a video of a craft show and the hostess was making
ornaments. This would be so cool for our horses. She was doing them in sepia
(antique photos of grandma) or color of current things.

Here's what you do. Buy clear glass ball ornaments with removable top
hangers. Buy acetate (clear) that runs thru your printer. It needs to have
one rough side to it. Take a photo in your computer and copy it onto the
rough side of the acetate. You want the photo to fit on a 4" round circle.
How you test for size is to use a large ornament, cut a 4" circle in a piece
of paper. Set the ornament in the hole and if it JUST FITS, you know it's
the right size circle for the ornament.

Okay, After you have the photo on acetate cut out, roll/curl it and slide it
INTO the ornament. Use a knitting needle to position the photo upright
inside the ornament. Put the top back on, glue it in place if you decide to
put any glitter inside the ornament.

You can leave it as is, or you can drizzle glitter paint on the top of the
ornament like snow would look on a fence post, or add greenery or bow.
Her samples looked fabulous: scenery, church stained glass window, family
groups, etc.

Thought this might appeal to some of you crafters. Just think how great your
horses would look, or you could do this as a gift for another horse owner.