Friday, January 23, 2009

Traditional Horsemanship Association & Competition

(Click on the play button at lower left side of video screen)

Here is a short little video we finished that explains what this competition is about. As we 'speak', there is a clinic going on this weekend in California (and several private clinics next week), where people are learning all about this fun and exciting new way of competing - that your horse will love too! What's different about it, is that it's actually FAIR TO ALL BREEDS...what a concept, eh?
It will embrace vaquero, western, etc. Check out the video clip below if it isn't showing on the blog.

The above preview---pre-competition clinic, then watch excerpts of the very first TM Manege, TM Versatilty, and TM Combined Trial Competition. Now being revived, this footage is from that first event in Portugal in 1996...Clinics being held all over the USA to learn this competition. Email for more info:

Take care, JP & Shelley Giacomini __._,_.___